Basic Burial


When you and your family have decided that a burial will be the means final disposition for your loved one, there are some important things to consider.


If you don't already own a cemetery plot, you will need to purchase one. Purchasing a cemetery plot is in essence, purchasing a piece of land. Typically, you will need to go directly to the cemetery of your choice to make this purchase. However due to our large network of providers, we can supply you with our reference list of cemeteries that are aligned to our objective of being fair and economical.


Another choice that will have to be made at the cemetery is whether or not you will need to purchase an outer container. For some cemeteries it is mandatory that you purchase an outer container, but there are some that give you the option.

An outer container is a protective shell or vault that the casket is placed into before it is buried. Though it is true that this container offers protection to the casket, its main purpose is to prevent the grave from collapsing. A casket cannot hold the weight of the earth after the grave has been filled causing the grave to settle and this requires attention from maintenance staff. Smaller cemeteries that do not require full-time staff will usually require an outer container whereas a large, fully staffed cemetery usually will not.


A monument will also be an option at a cemetery and these can be very simple to extremely elaborate. If you would like a monument and after deciding on a cemetery, check with your cemetery councilor for more details on the specifics of what they allow.

Once you have purchased a cemetery plot, Basic Cremations can take care of ordering the opening of the grave and scheduling the burial at whatever time you would like. It is our aim to help you have the burial performed the way you like and for a reference to a cemetery that is aligned to our objective of being fair and economical, please contact us.